Baby Steps Out... written by Nishand Venugopal at

Baby Steps Out…

Baby Steps Out…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Time is crucial for this young one. She is few hours old but neither has her mother’s comforting hands around her or her father’s protective eyes to guide her. All her mind says is to leave this land that is full of perils for her and embrace the cool sea, her abode forever. This travel has its own dangers, from the killing summer heat to predators eyeing to feast on her. She has to travel from the nesting ground to the sea waddling, flapping her flippers inch by inch, and cover a space as big as a few football grounds. Try it yourself on the ground, crawling from one end to another. The struggle is immense for her. All she wants is to reach the sea. In between crossing all the hurdles, the sea tests her patience too. A wave tosses her back to the seashore and topples her upside down landing on her shell. Now it is time to get back to her flippers and start the journey back. This exercise makes her strong and hard enough to face the challenges in the sea. Finally, her baby steps to an unknown future pass the hurdle for her life as she is surrounded by the waves and the mother sea invites her to stay with her forever till she is ready for nesting on the same shore that she left years ago…
Now she did her part, reached her destination, but even though the NGOs and Forest Department are trying their best to help her out and wish her to come back home safely after years of travelling, we have a few duties to perform and keep in mind:

1.   Avoid single-use plastics, they enter the ocean and make the life of this beautiful creatures hell.
2.  Encourage those who do fishing in the oceans and seas to follow the rules and reduce by-catch.
3.  Development is necessary, jobs needed, please make it happen in such a way that the safety and the need for a perfect environment for nesting and travel remain unhindered.
4.  Keep a tab on carbon emissions to reduce the greenhouse effects as the temperature of the soil determines the sex ratios in the species.

A small effort will keep these species which are million years old, happily flapping around us.


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