Beauty in The Eye of The Beholder, poetry by Adeleke Fatima at
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Beauty in The Eye of The Beholder

Beauty in The Eye of The Beholder

written by: Fatima Adeleke


All human beauty is an aberration,
A mirror trick drawing us into itself.
Into what is not

And what is desire?
A lack invented by belief,
A return to the thrill of the unfamiliar we recognize
In the instant as ourselves.

I know this is a sight
In the click of a shutter revealing the barely real.
Strip glamour of its thin veneer and you find something raw. Elegant.
You find the part in us
We’re all afraid of staring you straight in the face.

But I can’t turn away nor blink.
I feel myself connecting through captured light
To darkness that beckons,
Darkness less frightening than you fear.

My subjects appear calm because they are.
They compose themselves before my lens
Like hallucinations
We have all shared, metaphors that suspend

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