Beethoven, poetry by Hritvika Lakhera at



written by: Hritvika Lakhera


As I turn deaf to the world,
Could I still hit the right note?
Could I lead with a tune?
Could I still stay afloat?

As I turn deaf, tell me Lord,
Could I still trust my senses?
Could I compose a life
That isn’t apprehensive?

I want to be a Beethoven
I want to block out everything
When life is just a jot too loud
I want to be a Beethoven

I stumble even as I hear
I fall down straight on my face.
If I shut out the world
Could I keep up the pace?

I can’t hear a sound around
I can’t grasp time or space
Yet fly I with winged feet
Yet I hardly miss a beat.

I’m feeling like a Beethoven
I breathe in and I count to ten
I play on but don’t hear a thing
I’m feeling like Beethoven.

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