Divorce, poetry by Kam Ramey at Spillwords.com
Carol Oliver



written by: Kam Ramey


I bend backwards
my back curves like a wooden bow
I outstretch my arms, I reach them, then
twist my torso, my body smacks into the earth

I am on the ground, stomach down
my sweat turned acid, it melts my veins
smoldering blisters form on my cheeks

I gasp through labored breath, and say
“do not keep me from it”
I writhe my body forward,
I cling to the dirt floor with
fingertips that are stained red
from the berries I crushed
to darken my lips

I only know it by its scent
I can’t see where I’m going because
I used the wax from the candles we burned
that night
to glue my eyes shut

so that everyone would believe
that I am simply
still blinded
and have been coerced by you into being in this position

rather than willingly
clawing my way back

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