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written by: Kam Ramey


I bend backwards
my back curves like a wooden bow
I outstretch my arms, I reach them, then
twist my torso, my body smacks into the earth

I am on the ground, stomach down
my sweat turned acid, it melts my veins
smoldering blisters form on my cheeks

I gasp through labored breath, and say
“do not keep me from it”
I writhe my body forward,
I cling to the dirt floor with
fingertips that are stained red
from the berries I crushed
to darken my lips

I only know it by its scent
I can’t see where I’m going because
I used the wax from the candles we burned
that night
to glue my eyes shut

so that everyone would believe
that I am simply
still blinded
and have been coerced by you into being in this position

rather than willingly
clawing my way back

Kam Ramey

Kam Ramey

Kam Ramey is a recent university graduate with a passion for writing, reading, and relationships. She has been writing since she was a child, both in the form of short stories and poems. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where she found another passion for hers to be acting and musical theater. She is currently unemployed and using this time to expand her literary reach and to enjoy the solace of a quiet life. She hopes to one day make writing her full time career, or become a licensed therapist. She draws much of her inspiration from personal experience and the experiences of those she loves. Having spent a substantial amount of time abroad (primarily in Spanish speaking countries,) she hopes to begin writing more bilingual poems in Spanish and English in order to appeal to a larger audience. The majority of her poems tend to be short and concise, and emphasize context rather than rhythmic patterns. She believes that honesty and authenticity are the makers of a great story, and hesitancy is the destroyer. For all of her readers, she hopes that her works produce a feeling of relief and peace, and that after reading they are able to walk away feeling refreshed and understood.
Kam Ramey

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