Yes I Am Ready, poetry written by Madhumita Sinha at

Yes I AM Ready

Yes I Am Ready

written by: Madhumita Sinha



The path I treaded in my journey
Could never have happened without many
So here I thank all such people
Who made me the person I am
Strong, fierce and fearless
Thank you for making me believe
I was not good enough
Thank you for making me feel
I was unworthy
Thank you for leaving me in a lurch
When I needed you the most
Thank you for letting me Fight my own battles
You all have made me believe in myself
You made me realise that it’s me who can do it
You made me redefine my arduous journey
Full of rocks and storms
But I emerged stronger
And today I have found my destination
Because of whom I became eventually
All my setbacks were a blessings
As I have emerged as a survivor
A rock solid woman on my own feet
Ready to take any challenge
That life might throw at me.
Yes, I am ready …….

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