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written by: Bill Fuller



Do you believe…..
Or is it all an illusion?
It’s so hard to figure out
in all this confusion

Is it a way to control
the world and its masses?
Is it the word coming down from
the upper classes?

Is it a comfort thing
or are you reaching out for something?
Maybe when you look they
are both the same thing?

So many questions that
are left unanswered.
So many half suggestions,
Tell me who will answer all
these pressing questions?

Who is qualified enough to say
Books, preachers or your own mind.
Does it come from our deepest fears
Is it something created by mankind

Is there something out there
that needs to be explored
Is there something there
that we just can’t ignore
Maybe it’s the one thing that
we’ve all been waiting for

Is it the never ending song
that has been left unsung?
Or are we just remembering
what we were told when
In days when we were young?

The mind plays tricks on you
in your hour of need
you look for help
for the things in life
you hope that will succeed
but deep in your heart
you know there nothing in this life
that is ever guaranteed

When your mind is full
of all this congestion,
To believe or not to believe
that is the question
Look deep into your heart
and then you may find your
right direction.

No matter what you perceive
the question still remains
Do you believe…………

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