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Between Everything And Nothing

Between Everything and Nothing

written by: Anne G



There exists great beauty in understated simplicity.

As I strolled along the many booths presented (April 21, 2018, artexpo New York – Pier 94) my senses were assaulted by countless artistic creations from a multitude of artists from across the world but it was a piece by artist Sonia Richter of New Zealand that had the greatest impact upon me.

The most delicate of creations can evoke the most unexpected poetic inspiration.

This piece spoke to me, enticing me to acknowledge its presence, and so I did.

A lovely confection composed of a creamy white corset and petticoat delicately ruffled and perfectly sculpted, “Between Everything and Nothing” conjured up romantic days of yore.

As I stood before it, admiring its charming and perfectly beautiful contours, I was transported to a time and place in history that lives and breathes in my imagination. Somewhere I often recreate in my musings of once upon a time.

It became evident that “Between Everything and Nothing”, the most significant of feelings and emotions can be born.



Inspired by Vintage Clothing Artist Sonia Richter (Between Everything and Nothing)
Acrylic on vintage corset and petticoat on board

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