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written by: Paula Puolakka


Halloween is the holiday for the funny goblins,
the cute pixies,
the wicked witches,
and the kids in the superhero costumes,
but it’s also the celebration of the real-life monsters.
Beware of the needles inside the chocolate bars,
the poisonous candy,
and the violators dressed up in the wolf or clown costumes,
holding knives behind their backs,
ready to stab.

Halloween is the holiday for pumpkin carving,
the horror movies,
the black cat and the spider decorations,
and the colorful theme parties,
but it’s also the celebration of the obsessed.
Beware of those wanting to drink the blood of your dog
for the sake of Satan
and those walking around with the boxes of matches and the cans of petrol,
ready to set your house on fire
to summon the ancient spirits.

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