Bonfire One, 2015-1016 by Mike Bell at

Bonfire One, 2015-1016

Bonfire One, 2015-1016

written by: Mike Bell



I am wobbly    walking home    some late o’clock
a trespassed short-cut over dampened grass

through this estate of town-planned care
No roads    paths only to lamp-lit porches

as cars sit    misted, braked on verges
The street light’s spill    a dry amber pool

me    sense-struck by the waft of cuttings
I am re-routed    indirect    by a solitary tree

it’s stillness shocked    split    by a pigeon’s clap
disturbed by my standing    or my breathing?

The momentary effect    combined    then leading
to my old flight to Israel    picked fruits    sun-browned

lawn-fronted homes    of sprinkler’s ticker-sound
Same lives parked    people air-conditioned

sat lamp-lit    the sole indication
of life struck    by us    flighted    but never leaving.

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