Broken Poet, poetry written by Edwin Olu Bestman at
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Broken Poet

Broken Poet

written by: Edwin Olu Bestman


Silence is golden
Mind is traveling and rolling
Heart secures with pains and trouble
While society wraps me into brokenness

Smashed, dusted, abandoned
I am broken like a glass falling off
a table
Pieces of feelings left in deep and
shallow walls

I am broken like an eagle wing
Unable to fly in different directions
Everyone paints me black
I am broken like a girl’s heart at
every edge

Bored, frustrated, disappointed
I am broken like a woman whose
husband has passed off
These tears of mine keep sending
bullets to my heart

Boys too can be broken
Sadness creeps in daily
Loneliness sets the dance step
I am broken like a woman who has lost
her virginity to a runaway guy

Alone, unsatisfied, lost
I am broken like a mother
whose 5 year old child has been
The inner version of me keeps
crying for peace

Discouraged, crushed, abused
I am broken like a farmer who plants
but never harvests
Left alone in this scattered place called

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