Buzzword Symphony, a poem by DR Zaius at
Dziana Hasanbekava

Buzzword Symphony

Buzzword Symphony

written by: DR Zaius


I am all that I could aspire
A married poet, to words betrothed
I walked the woods with hands of fire
And lit ablaze the undergrowth

The fire shined and brightened faces
From memory I could not recall
From ethereal planes and far off places
A single thought uniting all

Waiting, there they humbly stood
I displayed to them my sleek orations
They did not speak, though I thought they should
So I bid the fellows salutations

Trees fall and make no sounds
When the forest is devoid of life
And though my words I thought profound
They had brought me nought but strife

Stoicism wrought its place,
My mind desired it take in stride
And since I have finished and ran the race
This I say, and say with pride

This art with which I am so smitten
His Holy Right Hand sent whims for me
These I have used and henceforth written
A beautiful buzz word symphony

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