Candy Kiss written by Kem at

Candy Kiss

Candy Kiss

written by: Kem



There you are, lyrical, sweet
little brown girl innocent
out on the town shopping
Stick close by, strangers mean you harm.
Up one aisle and down the other
Mother Earth’s twist and turns, no bother.
you twirl, dip, skip, there you are
lyrical, sweet little brown girl
where will this life take you, up/down/up/
down/up, hurryquick the years pass by
soon you want to drive around
nearby, away
exploring, rebelling
there you are, lyrical, sweet
Little brown girl innocent
What are you to do when nothing in mom’s cart
is for you? What a lonely life you live.
Behold, a reflection, in it a friend
She waves and so do you
She smiles a toothy grin
Little brown girl does too
A funny feeling, recognition it is
Mommy calls and you have to go
Then I see you little brown girl innocent
Give the mirror a candy kiss.

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