Christmas Kindness, poetry by Robin Joy Bell Nobles at
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Christmas Kindness

Christmas Kindness

written by: Robin Joy Bell Nobles


In the still of this night, a feeling of holiness surrounds us all.
the magic of holidays to come
and to those that have gone…

Cherished memories
of family and friends, celebrations, beginnings
and ends…

of sorrow and joy…
a grateful life
enables both…
and in those emotions there is ardent hope…

to keep
the spirit of the season in our minds…spreading light,
sharing love…
and being kind

begets kindness,
it gives
as good
as it gets…

the holiness we feel
at Christmas,
we should never forget…

Let goodness spread
from our own hands,
sharing peace on earth
with our fellow man…

Let kindness reign
and spirits lift,
as we bestow our greatest gifts…

truth and love,
our beacons

Oh holy night,
to this I pray…

keep the magic
of Christmas Kindness
in all of us…
and every day.

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