Colours In Rain written by Thomas Andrew at

Colours In Rain

Colours In Rain

written by: Thomas Andrew



Think of the falling raindrops,
whose task is to nourish the soil.
Each reflects the sunlight,
projects colour through the toil.

Falls like every crooked dictator,
eager as a horse on heat.
Swoops like a hunting hawk,
onto fields growing yellow wheat.

An indescribable aroma,
in an air filled with childhood nostalgia.
Forever breaking through nature,
Scents more polluted, more neuralgia.

Shoes soaked by puddles,
and coat sleeves seep.
On the top of umbrellas,
Water droplets sleep.

Makes sopping hair smell of shampoo
Clouds cry damp smelling tears.
Droplets bounce off roofs and roads,
cutting through the sky like shears.

Droplets splashing like children playing.
From grey pillows in the sky.
sitting peacefully by the window.
Thinking about life as I sigh.

Ugly puddles of oil,
reflecting rainbows by the rain.
Covering up the imperfection,
like paracetamol does with pain.

Then the sun screams.
Making everything more hazy.
The rain has fallen,
and the day is lazy.

Everyone is happy now.
Despite the sodden ground.
We know this is life, a necessity.
As the planet goes around.

Thomas Andrew

Thomas Andrew

Thomas a writer posts daily on social media. He writes about his chronic disease, mental health, LGBTQ and nature amongst other things. As a reader, I'm constantly striving to find a new kind of writing, a fresh take on writing that is something different. As a writer, I'm trying to please my reader self.
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