Dalek, a poem written by Ricky Hawthorne at Spillwords.com



written by: Ricky Hawthorne



I used to be a Dalek
The Galaxy’s great bane
Exterminating everything
That ever bore a name

My missions planned, were simple
No wounded and no graves
My interest only killing
Not profit or kept slaves

I wandered lonely as a star
With verfremdungseffekt
A rationale unarguable
And minimal respect

I trounced the Reestan nations
Who were getting out of hand
With spacecraft after spacecraft
Rocketing to foreign land

The Ciafranic colonies
Were dealt obliteration
To nullify resource threat of
Their wild proliferation

Contunbisent invaders
All were herded into silos
Indefinable their dialogue
So slaughtered thus with gusto

Miniscule, large, pale or tan
Agnostic or religious
Warm or tepid blood would rain
In massacres prodigious

Some creatures without eyes
Some creatures without ears
Some creatures without mouths
Butchered without tears

Sanctioned by blessed Peers
Their work considered right
Until I turned and blasted them
To interstellar light

Now silently I gaze upon
My wondrous universe
No critics or provocative
Opinions to reverse

No need to be a Dalek now
No need to be at all
These muted constellations
Are simply lights, that’s all

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