Deal With A Witch, haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at

Deal With A Witch

Deal With A Witch

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



creative fixes

make a deal with a witch

I have done some tasks



Illustration description: A feminine figure with arms stretched upward and outward occupies the centre of the image, visible from the waist up. She has dark red, curly hair, and held high by a crown of dark, interlacing metal tendrils set with jewels. She wears what looks like leather wrist guards and straps around her upper arms, a matching necklace in sharp, dark shapes, and a bikini-style top decorated with the same interlacing tendrils decorated with jewels. Everything she wears shares the same black-green metallic hue, including her lipstick. Her eyes are glowing, solid white, her expression intense. Pale mist emanates from her hands, which are blurred as though in motion. The background of the image focuses the figure with a glow of yellow, which branches outward like fork lightning over deep green, which fades to black at the corners. The first two lines of the haiku appear above the figure, the last line split on either side at the bottom of the image, all in mismatched magazine cut-out letters.

(The figure is cut out from the Fall 2010 issue of “Belly Dance: A Raqs Sharqi Mazine,” a publication which I’m pretty sure is no longer in print. The person in the picture is identified as “Sabrina,” at “Gothla US: The Evoking.”)

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