Death Burn, a poem by Anabell Donovan at

Death Burn

Death Burn

written by: Anabell Donovan


A fountain’s remnant
twisted vestiges of the stillborn
a journey of rundown crumbs
turns the moonlight in a harsh line
and a circle’s lit fields
wield a scarecrow
in tease pleats
the line of wheat sickles insult
garlands and the soul benign
and a work horse pours crows
weary plead cloud grass
roads sag in the presence of light
to the last flame
round relic to a scythes’ youth cote
face stricken.

Carry a Field’s mourning shadows
for the clouds of levy famine
sun pierced seasons
blaze bells cries recede
no permanence
strengthen your eyes
I’m the bearer of a death burn.

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