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Denied Conformity

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



what is this conformity
a dreaded consumed feeling
of forced authority
something attempting to access
my inner thinking
without acknowledging
the thoughts I've
involved in the proceeding

knowing the simplicity
a seeking of erasing the basis
of what I hold dearest
that is creatively my greatest
ability of free thinking
and how it divides me from
my mechanized machinery

that if chose to,
would keep me in a stasis
of only living logically
which makes me in actuality
no better than artificial intellectuality
so I say, keep your conformity
cause I choose my free thinking

Geovanni Villafañe

Geovanni Villafañe

I'm a poet, writer and lyricist. Sometimes my styles cross.
I speak my mind through my writing. But I don't fear speaking in words as well as my actions.
Geovanni Villafañe

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