The Lost Bond written by NNANE NTUBE at

The Lost Bond

The Lost Bond

written by: NNANE NTUBE



I missed the bond,
That bond that connected my heart to yours.
I didn’t miss it because I wanted to,
Neither did you force me to.
I just missed it, not knowing how, why nor when.

I heard my heart singing loud and fast
Each time my fingers picked you up
And put you in my mouth,
I felt the land
I felt your heart beats in mine,
The sweetness that flowed in my veins
Made good use of familiarity,
I felt you, you, you and you,
Your sweet touches, your sweats,
your tears, your blood, blended in mine.

Oh! They made me strong
They made me happy
They made life beautiful; the true beauty of life.
Oh! I missed the bond.
I just missed it, not knowing how, why nor when.

I scared the bond away
The day I picked you up with a fork,
I lost the sweetness, I heard the dying notes of my heart,
I saw the faint glow of love
Everything was strange and dull.
Oh how did I miss the bond!

Now that I think of it,
I vow to be connected again,
Only then will I find true happiness.
Oh! I missed the bond
Not knowing how, why nor when.



The above poem is an inspiration from the relationship that exists between the food we eat, our ancestors from whom the food comes, and ourselves. It is a general believe in Africa that the soil is blessed by our ancestors, so by eating with our bare hands/fingers, we establish that bond between the ancestors and us through what we eat. The use of a fork has destroyed that bond reason why we can’t feel the natural taste of food any longer.

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