DISMANTLING SOLITUDE, by Dr. Nikhat Bano at Spillwords.com



written by: Dr. Nikhat Bano


This solitude is a kind of labyrinth,
where our souls are woven in a sequence,
where the wind whispers into our ears,
warning against an approaching tempest.

Behold! My deep sighs are deep enough,
to touch your heart’s deepest coves;
Your gazes are such that it could pierce,
the rugged veils of my profane thoughts.

All these upheavals occur when I’m alone,
when nothing is there to hide behind;
Often the fluttering curtains dispel my thoughts,
when no one is around to lean upon.

But among all physicals around me,
your call sweeps across and reaches me;
Leaving a trail of sacrosanct scent,
in a pensive mood once again, it sends me.


Copyright reserved: DrNikhat Bano

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