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Dropping Moon

written by: DedHedpoet



Dropping moon
fill Spring’s cup
with my love
Honey sweet
on the tongue
brash kisses
from above
Lost embrace
now so gone
lovers smile
we shall part
Time draws nigh
as dew falls
torn away
from your heart


(c) 2017 Dedhedpoet



Dedнedpoeт™ ιѕ Aυтнor Andrea Travιѕ. I aм a ғreelance wrιтer and poeт. I ѕтυdy poeтry and proѕe. I aм cυrrenтly worĸιng on a ғew ιdeaѕ ғor тнeмe вaѕed poeтry collecтιonѕ. My paѕѕιon ιѕ wrιтιng and I lιve тo тoυcн тнe нearтѕ oғ oтнerѕ. I ѕearcн тнe ѕoυl ғor wнaт connecтѕ υѕ all. Wнιcн I вelιeve тo вe wordѕ.

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