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Ego And Loss

Ego and Loss

written by: Kia Jones



You’re stuck in a corner, ten feet from the door,
Terrified of moving, deafened by the roar.
What used to protect you, maybe keep you alive,
Is now feeding you a menu of bullshit and lies.
“You’re no good, you can’t cope, and no one can hear,
You CAN’T change, I won’t let you, I’m feeding your fear.
You’re ugly and stupid, no good to any one,
Deserving of nothing, not even fun!”.
It’s an evil in the shape, of a big hairy hound,
That’s rabid and fierce and won’t let you gain ground.
Just kick it in the face, as hard as you can,
Then scream in its ear, “GET BEHIND ME MAN!”
You CAN, control it and show it who’s boss,
It responds to the name of,
Ego And Loss.

Kia Jones

Kia Jones

A spiritualist a dreamer an abuse survivor. Somebody that believes in the intangible, the impossible and the incredible strength and resilience of the spirit.

Writing saved my mind 🙂
Kia Jones

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