Executive Mandates written by Nsah Mala at Spillwords.com

Executive Mandates

Executive Mandates

written by: Nsah Mala



In any country on earth,

once political surgeons

butcher limits to executive mandates,

using the term constitution becomes

a democratic blasphemy,

a constitutional sacrilege,

a political abomination,

a demoncrazic neologism,

a dictatorial normalcy.


No limits on mandates means

as long as I am alive

and can rig.

Now I am king; wait until I go.


Worst is when electoral organ

is subsection of a royal party;

when all village titleholders

pay blind allegiance to Igwe

and are obliged to meddle in

feather counting. Can add feathers!

Aren’t they landlords? Civil chefs!

And we keep renting our land!


In such contexts,

ballots lose their validity;

they become as useless as

raised fingers of a corpse

in a family meeting.

Going to polls loses its allure;

it becomes sheer rehearsal

until when democracy rises again

like Jesus Christ

or when Igwe gets missing.

Long live the King!


(© Nsah Mala, St Andrews)

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