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Alexandre Grégoire



written by: Abagail Summers


When I heard that song, it reminded me of our lazy day together, sitting by the lake. Soft shallow waters drifted onto the shore as the day glided by. I didn’t want to move. I could have stayed there forever, tucked between the fear of who we were and the unknowing of who we could be.

Sitting parallel from one another, soaking into the lazy sunlight. Frothy clouds danced by. Your eyes pouring into mine like a bubbly soda into a bottle. Our conversations were like a melody of words that sang to the same tune.

But as the candied, indigo, sky stretched for miles into a steady stream of sadness. Our time had to come to an end as songs always do. Though I’d play that song a thousand times if it meant I could’ve remained there within your arms. It will always be the song that reminded me of you.

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