Fitting for My Funeral, a poem by Paul Anthony Obey at
Bradley Dunn

Fitting for My Funeral

Fitting for My Funeral

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Instructions are clear, no change is allowed,
Watching over my own fond farewell,
Sad faces, turn happy, now I am proud,
As the soul leaves my body, a shell,

Celebration of life, lived its own special way,
Not by numbers, or as others approved,
Music builds to crescendo as I float away,
Only few of my mourners subdued,

I knew what I wanted, I got what I asked,
From my loved ones despite all the sadness,
Just remember the memories that we have amassed,
All the good times, the bad and the madness,

Of a journey of happiness later in life,
Now in heaven, or hell, or wherever,
No matter, no pain, no sadness, no strife,
just be dancing, with glowsticks, forever.

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