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Five Minutes of Saving Grace

written by: Samia Tunazzin


She was panting, her age can't bear the train chase. Five minutes only! For the train to move and my life to change. She was holding my hand like she never dreamt of leaving her daughter during this COVID-19 pandemic, she was weeping like a child and was still panting heavily. "I wish I could keep you with me Ma and never let you go" I whispered to myself, but a strong heart I have and never let my smile fade away! Instead, I said "Relax Ma, you're not going to miss the train", we both knew the words that mouth couldn't speak, but mothers always have the capability to read their children's face. Every time she wanted to hold me or hug me I tactfully had to avoid, I couldn't tell her about my fear of flu like symptoms. Finally, she got on the train, a heartbreaking achievement. She neither could go back to her husband and elder daughter as all the flights are on halt, nor she could stay with me! But the good thing was she was going to stay with her mom, out of this town, where the virus yet couldn't conquer! With her eyes full of tears she said "I'll come back soon, everything will be fine", I said "I know Ma, we will meet again soon". Before I got off the train, she kissed me on my forehead, my saving grace!
The train left, as speedily she had to leave me alone in this lamentable crowd! What I fear now? This virus or mankind?
I felt my feet had no ground and my roof had no light. May be that was the last time with my mother, may be I would never be able to meet my father and sister. I'm far away from my saving grace that kept me going. But a strong heart I have and I kept smiling!



I'm an amateur writer from Bangladesh and writing is my passion. Currently I'm pursuing under graduation degree on Environmental Science. Apart from writing, I love traveling and painting.

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