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written by: Allan Kayiira



We are flames in the darkness of each others works,
bringing forth purpose from our weary works,
Beneath the chimney of life our Disappointments rage,
as our woes roar.

But as morning simmers through the dusty roads upon top of wishes’ wings,
our hopes dawn,
as swift away from ignorance we spree, like bird upon sky,
dreaming of slow waking birds in the green.

Perched on the wings of every spire,
over glistening cities, above the sounds of living,
hunting achievements and needs that haunt us.
The wheels of time still forever turning,

waiting upon such a day,
when flames shall come out to die or bloom in the light.

Till then,
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Allan kayiira

Allan kayiira

I am Alan kayira, an East African from Uganda.

I am besides poet a finance graduate and insurer.

Poetry is my muse and has always been my hindsight intrigue for writing. I love words for they are foundation of every sentient beings basis of communication. Always have been, be it prose or poetry.

Am also mused by how timeless life blossoms be here on earth or far in the cosmic. I think our lives are but journeys, and what better way to write the stories thereof.
Allan kayiira

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