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Forgotten Presents

Forgotten Presents

written by: roger turner



The money I’m saving on Christmas this year
will be incredibly useful for buying more beer
I’m not buying presents for family and friends
But this festive season I will be making amends

I’ll never shop early for presents to give
I swear on my mother, for as long as I live
For while looking for boxes and our Christmas tree
I found boxes of presents from seventy three

All wrapped up and labelled in a box all alone
Hidden by an old blanket that was haphazardly thrown
Beside it, more presents from around eighty four
And as I kept on searching I found many more

There were presents for Grandad, who is now pushing daisies
And a few for Aunt Marg, who we all know was crazy
Gifts for the children, who now have kids of their own
In fact almost all are for children who’ve grown

I found a few that were given from Santa himself
And a few for my husband on an old wooden shelf
All wrapped up and labelled and dusty as well
I’d febreeze them downstairs to get rid of the smell

I promise from now, I will write down what I hide
And I’ll draw a small map to use as a guide
I can’t wait now for Christmas to see what we’ve got
From all the Christmases past, and the gifts I forgot!

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