Forgotten Structure - FOR SALE, by Sheri M. Stewart at

Forgotten Structure – FOR SALE

Forgotten Structure – FOR SALE

written by: Sheri M. Stewart


The entrance remembers better days
the rush of children in and out
the homecoming of a wayward son
the bright cheerfulness of visiting friends

Across the now dusty floor
a doorway leads to the heart of the home
an empty hole
where a warm stove once beat
tended by loving hands
creating confections of love and nourishing those within

Somewhere tucked away and quiet
the old study now lies bare
shelves empty and alone,
their sightless eyes fogged with remembered tales
a lone book mourns in the corner
yearning to be read and released among its peers

Up a curving staircase
a moth eaten carpet runs
from edge to edge
doors hang from rusty hinges
hinting at hidden dreamers once within

Alone at one end of a small stairway
steep steps curl into the mind
of what once was a grand old home
broken windows, shuttered eyes
refuse littering a now splintered floor

Standing on the outside
peering from the weed strewn yard
a pair of yearning eyes
sees the crumbling remains
and dreams of what may yet be…. again

Sheri M. Stewart

Sheri M. Stewart

I am interested in and fascinated by so many things in the world around me. I am a dreamer and a lover. I endure great pain and sadness. I am bi-polar. I have learned to embrace the many facets of who I am. I chose to view my illness as just another part of what makes me unique. I write as a form of self-expression and art. I share in the hopes that others can identify with my writing and know they are not alone.
Sheri M. Stewart

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