Forgotten, a poem written by Jack Wolfe Frost at



written by: Jack Wolfe Frost



Fog, It rules my mind, erasing my thought,
Slowing removing traces, of things I have been taught,
People speak, I listen, then forget what they all said,
I begin to only know the now, not even books I’ve read.

But just ‘the now’ is strange and weird,
My brain, by unseen hands being seared,
Burnt away, by age and time, did it ever exist?
Only shades, of grey thoughts, somewhere, do persist.

Is anyone still out there, faces blurring and unseen?
Just words I see in front of me, appear upon a screen,
Did people ever even exist, my mind it cannot tell?
As I wander eternal dimensions, my life–just a shell.

If this fog has made my life, a pinhole through a card,
Even trying, is it of worth, now my life has been so marred?
All those things I used to know, are all just now misgotten?
And am I, myself, in this last of days, totally forgotten?

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