Freedom, a short story by Mark Russo at
Devin Avery



written by: Mark Russo



The surface shattering like glass was the last earthly sound he’d heard before shedding the detritus of his life above as he released his choke-hold on his knees letting them unfasten from his chest so that he could suspend his outstretched arms in gentle mockery of a bird hovering in the wind and peer downward into shadowed caverns from which now and again a grey barracuda or sparkling bright blue fish emerged, circling and weaving themselves in and out of the undulating fields of yellow grass, stealing his identity, immersing him in the deep empty echo of his breathing that, synchronized with the beating of his heart, hermetically embraced him with an invitation to cling to this new found buoyancy and not observe the fatality of the oxygen gauge dial that presaged his imminent burial in the bright white chatter above.

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