Viva La Vida written by Bitupan Das at

Viva La Vida

Viva la Vida

written by: Bitupan Das



I lost myself in the darkness of night
and then, I found my shadow in the dimming street light
I thought it is me
Sometimes small, sometimes big!

In the dawn of the day
I looked into my mirror
Then again, I thought it is me
Illusion of inversion
Smiled at me!

I was confused, where to go
and where is my peace, happiness lies
I was exhausted and closed my eyes
There I found myself in the thoughts of mine.

Now I can see forests are green,
Snow is white, Sky is blue,
Red is rose, Air smells sweet,
And I found myself in today’s smile of
You and me!



Today defines what you’re and what you will be, don’t be roaming around the past. Live in the moment. Life is too short. Once gone, will never return. 
“Viva la Vida”

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