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All Around Us

All Around Us

written by: Shona Trussell



All around us
Buildings scaling marvelous heights,
Shops covering three or four flights
Taxis, cars and busses all flashing their lights
Business men clutching laptops and phones,
School kids piling in and out in droves,
Rush hour commuters looking forward to getting home
Or quiet Sunday’s, hearing church bells ring
Kids kicking a ball about not worried about a thing
Heavy laden mothers to who’s legs their babes cling
‘Are you meeting tonight? I’ll see you in the pub!’
Sink a few pints and eat some good grub
After a hard working day pester your fella for a foot rub
Traveling the world seeing what benefits you reep
Be it on a bed or hammock you sleep
In strange surroundings throughout the night you creep
Catching early surfing, riding the tide
Staying quiet awhile in peaceful countryside
Reflecting, reminiscing, sensing calm from inside
Adventurous youth or regretful old age
Starting your book or turning your final page
The journeys your own, it could still be beginning, whatever the stage
It’s all about life

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