Garden of Mercy, a poem by Maciej Pająk (Matthew) at
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Garden of Mercy

Garden of Mercy

written by: Maciej Pająk (Matthew)


Hello wind, my dear wind
Let my pain fly into your gardens
My hidden pain, my “mea poena”
That is not hidden any longer.

So eventually
I am covered with the
Petals of merciful flowers.

Dwelling in the garden
Sleeping in the garden
Getting older in the garden
Smiling to the gentle
Morning butterflies…

So my soul is united
With green heaven of mercy
I need that mercy
In my weakest hours.

I’m going to stay here
Until autumn comes
Until winter comes
Until spring comes
Until my death comes…

My wind, my dear, friendly wind
Let my pain fly into your gardens
I will rest here

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