Garden of Roses, a poem by Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede at

Garden of Roses

Garden of Roses

written & performed by: Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede


Charming and rosy they appeared from the distance
The zephyr sent a whiff of their sweet fragrance
Musky or clover, not the first choice
But heady and delicate did not escape my sense
Lured by the garden enriched with alive roses

Scents fruity and pleasant tingled my nostrils
Scents emerging from pink petals
With reddish charming tinges
Splash from a golden sun venting gleams
Warm and appealing its rays’ beams

Refreshing specter, settling on a charm
Flapping its tender wings, it morphed onto a pleasant plant
With glowing yellow hue
Giving off a reek of delicious spiciness
Pretty gorgeous it appeared with morphing butterflies

I sniffed its fresh tea scents
Caressed its yellow and apricot petals
Glowing as were its vanilla edges smelling of star anise
Well-stressed on a hundred fluffy petals
Cheerful with great enchantment

Comfortingly, it oozed with myrrh
As lovely as its faint pink petals
Augmented with irresistible innocence
And blissful citrus laden aroma
Irresistibly scented enchantment

I slid unto a green carpet of grass
Sniffing the lemon fragrance from the cut rose in my hands
A dove, white as snow flapped by
Directing my attention elsewhere
Somewhere magical

A glassy stream of enticing water gushing away
Slapping the rocks as they went by, smelling earthy
A bee buzzed past to its hive
Past adorable animals
It seems like the sweet wheeze in paradise

Lost in this garden of roses, I knew not
One tapped me, a mortal clothed in an aqua apparel
Brimming with the scents of Jasmine
With a long sigh, I sat up
For it was all a dream

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