Gardener's Meditation written by Rae at

Gardener’s Meditation

Gardener’s Meditation

written by: Rae



Hold my guardian hand
Tightly bound in meditation
Hung heads shameful
This humanness made luminous
By much weakness beset
While standing strong
All that beguiles mind
Entices an eye
Like a song flesh stung
Struck dumb lyrical bliss
Fades away yes what weary
Before greatness be
An echo caused to rise
Shine most beautiful ruinous
Knowing weakness
Is essence’ strength
Behold bewilder made magnificent
Like dew on morning petals
Guardian’s touch masterfully engraves
Health through a navel
Life to the bane.



Visual artists use whatever medium be it words written spoken or sung. Not merely to show who we are but of whom we are.

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