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I Am A Dancer!

I Am A Dancer!

written by: Shruthi Shankel



The miraculous life, the perfect blend
Shared by the music that tunes my body
Wake me up from the slumber of bore
To live with mesmerize for next few minutes
Mind learns to forget the world around
As the music fills within, and the lyrics
Arise emotions, I stretch out to elsewhere!

I dance selflessly to a rhythm
That touches my heart, moves
Come on their own from my soul
To show the world what I feel
Body so light with no past or
Future, I experience what a heal
I swayed as a leaf in the wind
And bowed so low, a tribute
To the creator of this music
My eyes were his now, smiling
And crying the woes of life
Helpless am I to stop myself
From being the one as described
Guided by the power of passion
I make the perfect turn and land
As swift as a feather on the floor
My love pulls me up and I dance
With the joy of perfection made once again!

The dance ends and back to myself
I lose the love, the power so infinite
Missing every second of it, I exhaust
The only blessed gift that rules me
That lifts me to a world seen by less
The pain sticks hard till the next music
And I do it once again and say it aloud
“I am a dancer”

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