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To Pose A Serious Question

To Pose A Serious Question

written by: Rakind Kaur



Could you see the death of an innocent?
not on tele,
not in a video, a picture or news,
In person
right in front of your eyes.
Would it enrage you?
Or would it enfear you?
Would it make you rebel?
Or would you be shocked to silence?
Would you scream with fear?
Shake in the horror?
would you then do something about it?
What would you do?
Calm your nerves and move on?
Try to forget the memory and repress?
Kill that nagging consciousness of yours a bit more?
Or would you stand up?
Find courage, lead the troops of righteousness?
Apparently, you won’t even listen to the rebels,
ignore the revolutionary voices,
kill your soul instead of standing up
and for what?
your demeaning survival instead of
a short but incredible life.
I guess I’m the one who’s got it all wrong,
survival is worth more than a worthy life.
Well, Let me be just another minority in the mass,
ignore me like you’ve ignored your consciousness,
after all,
if the murder of your own worth
hasn’t provoked you,
what will?

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