Her Exquisite Feet by Honey Pot by Spillwords.com

Her Exquisite Feet


written by: ErosVerse



The soles of her feet
Have a mind of their own
So used are they
To running away
From their home

He knew one fine day
No more ground would
Be left
For her fair feet
To run on
Nary a place be
Available for her
Feet to run into
No more
Darkness to cover her
No light that could
Scorch him, char him
Keep him from reaching her
There was no hell
To defy him
Not a heaven that could
Deny him

He waited and waited
Till they faced her to him
Those feet that
Kept running
Away from their home
Took one step
Towards him
Kept moving forlorn
Toe to toe
Stood before him
Truly wearied and torn

He wept unabatedly
Accepting their gait
His face full tear-stricken
Beholding each pace
He knelt down before her
Kissed each, every toe
Anointing each digit
With odes of love
From his whole
Her toes understood him
Decorated in love
They tickled and wiggled
With each kiss he bestowed

When crying had ceased
His face, darling
Dry clean
He whispered to each foot
“No more running
You are home”

E’er since
That fine morning
He kisses each foot
In the mornings
With blessings for
Where’er they may go

Every evening
In gratitude, he thanks
Every one
For returning to their harbour
From their wearisome jaunts

Every night time
He whispers
“I love you
Sweet feet”
While deep she is sleeping
Safe and sound in his keep
Her toes do a wiggle
Her heels do the click
The love of his life
This beautiful lady
With exquisite feet

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