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written by: Samyak Singh


Why would this verse turn so barren?
With the pink smudged on an arterial wall
Lost in a battle sans wagon
growing into a crippled nightfall
drenched in those bubbles oozing out
witnessed by those iridescent eyes
Blown away by a storm of doubt
sun sets at the end of fervour lies
Sequent growls of a crescent moon
brims up the intertwined souls
forging a seamless merry tune
evading a deafening loopholes
I stroll down the sunset boulevard
lenses entrapping the hues off guard.

Samyak Singh

Samyak Singh

Hey! I'm Samyak, an amateur blogger conspiring to inflict an image of a writer covering various forms of poetry, tales, stories. Being 21, there's enough resonance around to feel inspired and write in a way that lets everyone connect. Feel grateful to have come across this platform to showcase my insights in the best way possible.
Samyak Singh

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