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Grandma’s Last Wish

Grandma’s Last Wish

written by: Rohini KB Reddy



Roma knocked at the door, but to her surprise the door was already open. Grandma never keeps her door open, thought Roma to herself. ‘Grandma, Grandma,’ she called. But there was no response.
She walked slowly inside the house. She had returned to her Grandma after 4 years of her studies. She looked for her in the whole house. But she was not to be found anywhere. Her heart was thumping. What could have gone wrong? She sat on a chair and closed her eyes. She went into a deep sleep.
‘Roma, it’s been 4 years since you went for your studies, come at least once to meet me. My old eyes are waiting for you’ she heard her Grandma whisper in her ears and she woke up immediately.
‘Grandma, where have you been? I was waiting for you since morning. See I have come’ and she hugged her tight.
‘Oh, my dear child. You have become so thin. Now you shall stay forever with me and I shall make you fat’ laughed Grandma.
‘Oh yes. I shall be with you forever. You know how much I love this place and you. The jungles and the silence here. But let me inform mom and dad that I have reached safely’ Roma ran towards the phone with shining and happy eyes.
Suddenly they heard footsteps coming inside the house. Roma ran to see. She saw her mom, dad and relatives coming inside. She was so happy. She ran to hug them. She shouted ‘Mom, Dad.’
But she could not hug them. She tried again and again. Her parents also could not hear her.
‘What’s wrong Grandma? I am getting worried. Please tell me,’ tears and fear showed in Roma’s eyes. ‘Look there’ and Grandma turned her towards two senseless bodies wrapped in white cloth.
Wind blew and the faces were clear.
‘Your bus fell in the valley today. And no one could escape. When I heard this I ran for you. And my leg slipped. I fell and bumped my head on a stone. When I woke up, I saw myself lying dead on the ground. And a little far away I saw your senseless body’ wept Grandma.
‘No this can’t be true Grandma’ shouted Roma. But that was true. Her parents carried out the last ceremonies for the departed souls. They locked Grandma’s house and went away. But Roma and Grandma never went out of that house. They are present there because they wanted to be together forever.

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