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Grey Matters

written by: Tony Ortiz



Growing up we're always taught one thing:
There's always the bad guys, with a violent sting,
But the good guys finish first when the fat lady sings.
But, throughout my years I developed my wings,
Flew to the sky, and collected all of my rings,
And it looks all so different with a new perspective.
There are good men doing bad things,
Just to stay protected,
My whole life it's been Dark vs. Light,
The Good vs. The Bad,
The Wrong vs. The Right,
The Happy vs. The Sad,
The Brains vs. The Might,
The Heart vs. The Mind.
Now I see that there is no line.
Bad men do good deeds,
And good men plant bad seeds.
I listen to my heart start beating,
Cuz in every poem I write,
My lines start bleeding,
I'm receding into the back of my skull,
Cuz life wasn't meant to be this fucking dull.
I only ever questioned one thing:
What role?
Who am I going to be in this world?
The devious super-villain,
Or the hero that gets the girl?
But this new information is too much,
I tried meditating it away with no luck.
Am I an extra in someone else's story,
Or will I train someone else to fight for me?
Am I meant to live in the background,
Or do I make the world safe and sound?
Am I always meant to be The Lost,
Or am I destined to become The Found?
I'm not exactly sure, so I sit and I wait,
For the day that I realize that I'm actually too late.
The truth of this planet is terrible and ugly,
There's no good or bad,
And no pure evil.
If you want to be saved,
Become your own hero.
Poor people staying poor,
While the fat cats are gettin' fatter,
So there's no more black and white,
Because only Grey Matters

Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz

I didn't start writing until recently. When I did I stuck to what I had learned from my favorite poet: Rhyming is dope. I try to connect with my viewers on an emotional level, because like many people, I too have mental illnesses plaguing my thoughts.
Written under aliases 'Absent Minded' and 'MNDFL'
Tony Ortiz

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