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written by: A Seed To Inspire



If I could give my world a colour it would be grey.

Not yellow, as there is no light to banish the dark or warm the soul.
I cannot stand and let yellow sunbeams soak into my heart.

Not blue, as there is no purity, no nourishment or refreshment for my parched lips,
no life giver or thirst quenching liquid or welcoming sky.

Not green, as there are no new roots pushing through the ground,
no smell of freshly cut grass,
no calming rolling hills to quieten the mind.

There is no red of fire to warm my empty limbs,
no white to soothe my mind,
no black to hide inside.

No purple, pink, orange, brown or any other colour.

Just a grey,
Never ending…

How I long for the artist to come and give me colour again, but who is this artist and where are they to be found?

They are lost – I have lost them.

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