Growing, poetry by Maggie O'Brien at
Tobias Rademacher



written by: Maggie O’Brien



A daisy in a flower bed
overstretched, bowed her head.
Then it looked, for all the world,
as if the elements conspired
to grant her what her heart desired,
and help her petals to unfurl.
One sunbeam kissed away her fears
and cued a shower of fine soft rain,
that made the sap rise in her veins
while breezes dried her raindrop tears.
Head raised, movements slight,
the flower swayed in broad daylight.

I, an audience of one
imagination caught,
enchanted by the players,
when these scenes were done,
‘An education with so many layers!
Was this not an epic tale
of those at once both powerful and frail?’

What I learnt from this fine play?
What moral did I take away?

‘To those who grow where they find themselves planted,
Naturally, unseen help is granted.’

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