Halloween, poetry written by Eric Shelman at Spillwords.com
Hansjorg Keller



written by: Eric Shelman


Autumn winds, coolly
blow, bountiful harvests pulled
from garden’s treasures.

Stacking and lighting
Bonfires, campfires built
consuming smores.

Children trick or treating
dressing up in costumes inspirits
warding off and defeating
evil spirits.

Fall falls backwards and Autumn appalls
Fall calls and Autumn sprawl.

Ancestors arising annually
Beastly, brutefully, baring babies
Cursedly conjured conjectures
Damned dead dynamically danced
Elegantly entrancing everyone enchantingly
Frightful freaks feared fathoms ferociously
Ghouls, goblins, ghosts gave
Horrendously horrifying hosts
Intimidating ill-willed incantations
Jack o’ lanterns, jovially jested
Keeping kaput
Mysteriously, magically mummified
Notwithstanding Night’s notorious
Otherworldly ogres, owls, orange Octobers
Phantasms pranked poltergeists petrifying
Quaking Queen’s quivers
Reaper’s reaping radically
Teeter-totting thinning
Witches, warlocks wandered wickedly
Yelling, yelping, yawping, yahoos
Zapping zombies zanily.

Pumpkins carved pumpkins into Jack o’ lanterns, thumbkins.

Witches bewitched pitches, switches, hitches and itches.

Warlocks gawked, hawked, walked, blocked
frocked crocked docked flocks.

Hailing, worshipping, praying to
Mictecacihuatl, and Miclantecuhtli, about
their roles of life, death, and resurrections.

Hailing, worshipping, praying to
The Horned One god
whose an animal that dies,
that we may eat, the grains and corn
which once lived in a field before our harvest.

Ashen aromatic ambiances
Uniting universal understandings
Truthfully talking togetherness
Uddering ultimate ubiquity uncertainties
Making magical monumental moments
Noteworthy nullifying notions.

Apple-bobbing, costume contests, trunk or treating.
Children consuming, their trick or treating candy.
Decorating houses, schools, fall’s celebration.

fall, harvest-time
changings, equinox, warm weather
Rain, wet-weather, snow, cold weather,
freezing, end of the year, hibernal
vacation, frosty weather

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