Hallows' Eve, poetry by Eric Shelman at Spillwords.com
Daniel Lincoln

Hallows’ Eve

Hallows’ Eve

written by: Eric Shelman


Haunted houses horrifically harrumphing
haunches staunch
Ancestors’ acknowledgments, abracadabra’s
Luminous lanterns lit lexically length-full
Leaping labyrinths ledges levitational
Ominous otherworldly occultism outdo
Witches, wizards’ wizardry wallow
winnowing widows withdraw
Eerie eeks enabled evil spirits escape
Enchanting exorcist eyeballs existence
Nightmarish netherworld’s nightfall


Hellish headless-horsemen huffish howling
Alpha apparitions asarabacca afraid
alarming afterlives abracadabra
Lagoonal lightning luminal lighting
labyrinths lanterns laminal
Lyrical Leviathan’s lingual logistical
Outdo orange owl octavo orientated ogres
Windthrow willow wallow
Exhume embodiments enable eclipses
Entangle evil eye enchantments everywhere
Navigation novelization narration.

Was it Halloween, Samhain, or Day of the Dead?

Last week on my street I saw
costumed children, adults and animals

Vampires, Horned One God, Mictecacihuatl, Miclantecuhtli, and undead
I thought is this Halloween, Samhain, or Day of the Dead?

Children filled the streets
each holding bags full of sweets

I heard them saying “trick or treat”
I heard some souling tricks for treats

I saw sugar skulls, orange, red, and black
I saw pumpkins and turnips with unique
folds and molds

Strangest neighbors I have ever seen and I
shook my head
O maybe it was Halloween, Samhain, or Day
of the Dead?

spooky, creepy
terrifying, horrifying, screeching
frightful, haunting, spectacular, festive

Swish, swish, swish go as witches fly by
Ooh, ooh, ooh, Boo, boo, boo ghosts shriek walking by
Meow, meow, meow as black cats howl as they stroll by
He He He Ha Ha Ha pumpkins laughing
Hoo, Hoo, Hoo as owls cry
Crack, crack, crack rattling bones go as skeletons dance by
Ah, ah, ah, Eh, eh, eh mummies grunt as they stumble by
Trick or Treat, Trunk or treating children asking for candies as dressed up in costumes warding off evil spirits.

Halloween, it comes and goes once every
Halloween, is autumn’s celebration, cheer
Halloween, is festive fun, spooky, creepy

Hallloween, is time for children’s tricks and
Halloween, it’s winning costume contests
Halloween, is my birthday and my


Abracadabra’s ancestors ascension as
Betwixted, bloody booed black bats battled
Cursed condemned cats
Devil’s damned dastards dangerously
destroyed dogmatic dominations
Enchanted evil eyes eeked eerily
Fearful, frightful fairies fell ferociously
Ghastly ghosts, goblins, ghouls gained
glorious globalization
Hair-raising haunted hayrides, houses,
headstones, hobgoblins howled
Icky imps insanely ingested injured
individuals infested intestines
Jack-O-Lanterns jinxed jesters jokingly
Kept King’s kingship
Lightning lit labyrinths lanterns luminously
Midnight’s magic macabre monsters
mashed mausoleums, masked moonlit
mummies mysterious misty morbid
masquerades, mesmerizing
metamorphosis’ mischievous-ness
Noisy, nasty netherworld’s neighborhood
nightmarish night falls
Otherworldly outer-limit outfitted orange
ominous ogres, owls, occurred
October, October 31st, occultism
pagans parried paraded pentacles,
pendants, pentagrams parties,
phantasms petrified poltergeists
Quaked Queen’s quivering
Repulsive, repugnant, revolting rasping
ravens, ripped ritualistic robes
Skulls screeched spookily, shadowy
suspicious sweets
Tricked, treated, trunked tots, twilight
terrorized trolls, toads, tarantulas,
tombstones trickery, Transylvania’s
trembling tremendous thirst
Ugly undead unearthly uneasy unexpected
unexplained unmasked unnervingly
Veiny vixens vanished vampire’s voodoo
Worrisome wraiths, witches, wizards,
werewolves wailed warts wicked
wizard’s witchcraft
Yahoos yelped yelled yawningly
Zapped zombies zanily

Costumed children trick
Or treating, trunking for sweets
Warding off evil
spirits crossed over from the
spiritual realm, scaring.

It’s Halloween night
dressing up in costumes
trick or treating children plead

More frightful delights
Ancestral worship summons
Warding off evil spirits.

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