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written by: Thomas Park



Life goes by quickly
And there is much to do

Duties need attending to, and that is
Norman’s purpose

At work, they knew his birthday,
Threw a party (Had soda, cake)

All was well, though

A sense of mystery
Surrounded Norman

A shadow, perhaps a haze

No history, no libido
(Or that was muffled)

No sense of style

Khaki slacks, unironed
Pressed by the dryer

Brandless polo shirts
Of muted hues

Or perhaps it was

That Norman himself
Found certain things inconvenient

There’s too much truth in old stories
Fraternity hijinks
“Borrowing” Dad’s Car

Worse, Norman’s pivotal moment
Involved neither a parade nor award ceremony

It was the late 1970’s
Norman was curled in a ball,
In his pajamas
Near the heating duct
The family dachshund was by his side
The muffled sound of television
And parental voices
Were largely ignored, it was
A moment of blissful meditation

It was the best 5 minutes of Norman’s life

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