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Happiness Guest in Life

Happiness Guest in Life

written by: Zaki Ansari



Happiness is guest in life
Pain is part of life
the rainbow comes with rain only
the gray shade is part of life

it gives breaths to a dead body
sometimes it kills your soul
sweet or bitter doesn’t matter what taste it has
but love is the part of life

some give you joy
some break you badly in all
pleasant moments in the heart
or deep wounds in the soul

visible in your eyes, like a dark tear’s trace
or decorate a pretty smile on your face
thousand of times scroll in your mind
even if unpleasant, but it has a grace

your biggest emotion’s strife
maybe hurts you, like a sharp knife
doesn’t matter what color and shape it has
But memories are part of life

you cry, you laugh, and you breathe
looks like a clown or a freak
wearing a mask to hide the truth
not only life
sometimes death is also part of life
sometimes death is also part of life

Zaki Ansari

Zaki Ansari

Zaki Ansari is an Indian writer, businessman, free thinker. Born in Kota Rajasthan, India on 17/02/1979. As a writer and actor, the first project was 'Ek Nai subah' in 2004. Acted lead role, as well as done screenplay story and dialogue writing, the story was based on drug addict teenager boy. After many projects done as a writer, some are a movie 'Aasths', and crime based tv serial 'F.I.R'. His Books 'Gift Of God' and 'Save Me' are available on almost all online ebook portals. The article 'Chotu se arush Tak' based on child labor is highly appreciated, available in both Hindi and English language. Zaki Ansari is active on social media and not scared or hesitates to give his frank views or opinion about political or social issues. About himself, he likes to say only this: "A man who always tries to be a good Human, One who Dares To Speak Truth, Brave To Accept Truth. Always in learning mode. Believes in listening to others rather than speaking a lot."
Zaki Ansari

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