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Hear With Intention

Hear With Intention

written by: Jessikalynn1980



Surrounded by people yet
I am all alone.
Nobody listens even when
My feelings are made known.

Whether I whisper or shout
None choose to hear,
Yet they are clueless
When I shed a tear.

What is wrong?
They dare to ask.
Nothing is the reply
As I don a neutral mask.

The thoughts that
Once were expressed
Will lie unspoken
Better off left suppressed.

For it has been proven
My thoughts not worth mention
Because no one is
Truly Hearing With Intention.



Dedication: I realize this poem is not one of my best but I recently read a message that made me stop and think… This person stated that she felt as if she could not talk to anybody because nobody would listen to her. I know that I too have felt this way on many occasions. I also know that neither her or I are the only ones who have felt this feeling. It is one of the loneliest feelings. To know you are surrounded by people and that they hear you but are not hearing you with intentions to understand. They are not truly listening to you. Eventually we give up. What point is there in expressing our emotions or interests if someone truly is not going to listen? We think it is just as well to keep everything bottled up. My advice for this is Never Give up. Your feelings matter and your life matters. Maybe the people who truly do love you just get a little wrapped up in day to day circumstances and you need to call them out. If they truly love you then they are there for you 100 percent. The ones who you cannot call out then are they truly worth your attention? Will they ever truly hear with intention and value your opinions, thoughts, and emotions? Step back and reevaluate… Know where you are loved and who loves you and that at any given time that you think nobody is listening just look up to the sky…..

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