Hiatus, a poem by Dr. Aparna Ajith at Spillwords.com



written by: Dr. Aparna Ajith


Living in a detached world
Where everything looks whirled
Weaving my own tapestries of life
I move on with the routine strife

Sailing through the wild territories,
Yearning to survive each day with ease,
I embrace the cruel kindness and move on
In the pursuit of an alchemy of my own.

Buried in the barren dreams
enslaving the life’s extremes,
I gear up for a solitary travel
A journey within myself to unravel.

My feminine identity always craves for an updated version
That can nullify the effect of despair and aversion
I wish for something in intensity
I am annoyed with my unexciting entity.

The unchanging syllable of my throbbing heart
longs for the umbilical cord that is torn apart
The orbit of obsession engulfed by an unrequited void
Slowly teaches me to master the mystery I can never avoid!

The newfound emptiness brightens the cherished desires in me
The medley of emotions, only my tender soul can see.
The one-year-old mother’s journey and the euphoria of creation
Instilled in me a sense of boundless vibration

In the sweet and sour cadences of nights and days
I spend my ephemeral moments in your ethereal daze
From the ennui of everyday life, you release me on bail
The aroma of your newborn innocence, I too inhale.

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